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Fuangroup deals with large number of mechanical tools that help provide ease into the industrial works. Proportional pinch valve is an electronic component that is frequently used to control the flow of the pinch silicon tube. One of the useful benefits of pinch valve is that the outer shell of this electronic equipment has not at all contact with any sort of liquid or gas whereas, the inner of the valve is directly connected to the fluid flowing through. Consequently, this type of valves has been considered as the perfect for the flow control device which normally used in medical departments to control the flow of fluid as well as gas of different machines e.g., lab analyzers, chemical manufacturing tools, and food preparing machines etc.

PPV Proportional Pinch Valve

  • Laboratory analysis
  • Chemical mixing and dispensing
  • Dosing system
  • Clinical and chemical analysis
  • Vending machine
  • Blood handling and analysis

Since the proportional pinch vale has been proved as a useful tool for the mechanical industries. The foremost benefit of the pinch valve is that it is majorly used for the cleaning and sterilization of process of high precision flow of gas and fluid as well as to produce the accurate control pinching force.

Each valve includes a stepper motor that obtains PWM square wave pulse from the regulator and shifts each pulse into a stepper motor that rotates at 1.8-degree. The stepper motor is a high-precision central screw produced in Japan with a linear motion with a step spin of 0.0127 mm.

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Pinch chart 2
Pinch valve chart

APV Electronic Pinch Valve

  • Small, compact design
  • Hygienic and easy to clean (replace tubes)
  • Low power consumption
  • High cycle life
  • Can handle whole blood and particulate matter
  • Unobstructed flow path
  • Each valve comes with 12” of Medical/laboratory grade silicone tubing, pre-installed
  • Variety of tubing sizes available
  • Tubing is easily replaceable

The pneumatic, electric pinch valve works as the solenoid pinch valve that performs the device which is originally made to enable and disable of the tube for controlling the flow of fluid and gas.

Electronic flow controller includes the pinch valve is one the best type of valve that has a unique feature to manager the flow of fluid n gas. Other valves consist few internal small gaps that contain the amount of fluid nevertheless, the pinch control valve is not consisting any sort of empty area that tapped the fluid inside the valve. Only the inside of the tube encounters the fluid.

The application of pneumatic pinch valve in various mechanical industries such as drug dispensing, laboratory tools, wastewater, medical tools, chemical equipment, food and beverage manufacturing equipment, ceramic/glass/plastic, and bulk.

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valve types

Pressure proportional valve, electro-pneumatic proportional valve, pressure proportional valve, electric proportional valve

CPV Pneumatic Pinch Valve

  • Compact design, suitable for different sizes of tubing
  • N.O or N.C selection available
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • 12 months warranty
  • Customized pinch force compatible with different sizes of tubing

 The primary use of Pneumatic pinch valves is in biopharmaceutical processing, food & beverage, as well as the mechanical industrial applications requiring an aseptic process.

These electronic pinch valves are of top-notch quality that facilitates the users with its reliability and better performance, mainly while working with harder or huge outer diameter tubing that requires stronger clamping forces. Designed for disposable tubing, every model includes a very simple installation slot for instant loading and unloading.

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Proportional pressure regulator, electronic pressure regulator, I/P converter, electro-pneumatic pressure regulator